AHEPA National Housing Corporation needed a complete website redesign and a marketing strategy to increase targeted web traffic and conversions.   Our solution was to design a content management system that allows AHEPA to easily manage property listings and generate leads from each individual property. All leads can be managed and sorted by property listing in the administration area of the content management system.

AHEPA previously had no system to display properties on their website, but now their site features all properties listed by state so that prospective residents can easily find a community in their area.   We also implemented a marketing strategy that increased targeted traffic by over 250% in only two months! After three years, we continue to grow their targeted traffic. Their current web traffic is more than a 975% increase versus

Nov 2012

Before the start of the project, AHEPA Housing’s monthly web traffic was approximately 968 visitors per month.

Jan 2012

After only 2 months, we increased AHEPA’s web traffic by over 275% to 2,754 visitors per month, or an increase of approximately 285%.

Jan 2015

After 3 years of managing all aspects of AHEPA’s hosting, website, and online marketing, we have continued to grow their web traffic and conversions. Their current monthly web traffic averages over 9,000 monthly web visits, which is almost a 1000% increase in traffic.