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Not all hosting is created equal.  Our Enterprise hosting is unmatched.

Webcore Interactive offers dedicated, Indianapolis-based web hosting services for our clients. Our hosting packages are all-inclusive and offer every service needed to operate a successful website. Over the years, we realized our clients needed a comprehensive hosting solution. So, we listened and developed a hosting package that encompasses hosting, updates, backup, security, and more. You will not find a more complete solution for your web hosting needs.

Private, Dedicated Hosting

We do not offer the cheap hosting packages found elsewhere. Our hosting services are reserved for our clients only. Our servers are specifically configured for our client sites.

Rock Solid Security

Everyone knows the importance of website security. We take web hosting security to a whole new level. Our system blocks threats before they ever reach a client site. We also employ continuous scans of your site to keep it free of malware and other harmful code.

Off-Site Backups

Another layer of security we added is off-site backups. In the event of a disaster, which has never happened, your site is securely backed up and ready to be fully restored to the point of the last backup.

Website Updates

Updates to your website are a very important part of security. Our team keeps all of your code updated and secure, which is included in our hosting packages. Other Internet companies upload your site and forget about it. We know that an effective, secure website requires constant care.

Enterprise E-mail

In the event that your are a new company and need email accounts, or want to switch providers, we offer Enterprise email accounts with all the features a business would need.

Uptime Monitoring

In the event of a disaster, our up-time monitoring services will alert us immediately so that we can take swift action and restore you website as soon as possible.

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