We here at the Louder with Crowder Dot Com website can't decide what's worse. Joe Biden embarrassing himself? Or Joe Biden not realizing his supporters are embarrassing him by embarrassing themselves? Let us know which way you lean.

We'll start with Joe Biden freezing. It's something that is happening a lot lately. Not with Biden per se, but with our elderly elected officials across the board. This country is literally being governed by bones. It's ironic that Biden did his best Mitch McConnell impersonation because the media wants us to believe Cocaine Mitch being old AF means Republicans can't seize on Joe Biden being old AF.


Joe Biden, while looking down and reading notes, can't keep his train of thought on the tracks to remember the words he read five seconds prior. As soon as he looks up, all he can remember is "meow, meow, meow, meow." And look, we get it, dude. You were hoping to get away again this weekend but you had to stay in DC and work. Take a B12 shot or something.

Our president isn't expected to do much of anything other than read from a notecard. He can't even do that without sh*tting the bed, both figuratively as well as… you know, the thing.

Then there is this. We've found the elusive Joe Biden supporter. It's a small group. They like the Backstreet Boys and, just… just watch.

There are human beings living in this country who were told Joe Biden was going to visit. After discussion, these alleged humans made the decision to surprise Biden with a song. They chose Backstreet Boys "Backstreet's Back." They sat down to change the lyrics to "Biden's back." They then presented the song to Biden as if they thought this was helpful to his campaign and NOT fodder for the internet to mock.

Joey looks confused.

That is true.

That is also true.

That's mean. And also true.

The Backstreet video is from 2020 and is getting a fresh round of mockery thanks to X. I'd love to track these people down and make them watch the video. Then ask them how the last three years of trying to buy groceries has been for them.


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