How is the leader of the free world doing? Well, he did not fall up the stairs today.

At least we can praise the success of mission “don't-let-him-trip.”

Sleepy Joe attempted to tout a “better-than-expected job growth” in September by claiming that the U.S. added 336,000 jobs. However, he did not provide any details other than that.

Naturally, Biden took this as the perfect moment to praise Bidenomics as he continues to lie and deny reality.

But unfortunately, viewers were left even more confused than ever.

First, Biden tried to gaslight Americans into actually believing that inflation is coming down. But anyone who has been to the store lately knows that is a complete lie.

"Inflation's coming down!" he said.

In 2020, it cost me $35 to fill up my car. Now it costs nearly $80. I cannot even comprehend that.

But rather than use anecdotal evidence, here are some real numbers. Mortgage rates rose to their highest level since 2000, averaging nearly eight percent. Wages are decreasing. And since Biden took office, energy prices have gone up 37.2 percent.

As of March, rent has increased 13.5 percent, food was 18.3 percent, and overall was at 15 percent. And we know it is only getting worse as he inches closer to beating Carter's presidential inflation rate.

Now that we have established Biden is a liar, let’s get back to his weak attempt at a press conference.

Getting out of bed from probably a bit too much for him as shown by his attempt to put a sentence together, and his brain subsequently malfunctions.

Then, he makes some claim that all jobs will be remote…? I think that was what he was trying to say?

"Under Bidenomics, you won't have to leave home now to get a good job"

Then, he lied some more.

"We cut the deficit by over $1 trillion since we've taken office"

No. He added to it.

"I think [Americans] know they're better off financially than they were before — it's a fact!" he claimed.

Actually, according to polls, that is not the case.

Just 34% of Americans approve of how Biden is handling the economy. And only 16% say the economy is getting better.

My favorite part is that his excuse for all of this is a story about a drowning dog.

This is how Biden answered, "Why do you think most people still don't feel positive or feel good about the economy?"

"You turn on the television and there's not a whole lot about 'boy saves dog as he swims in the lake,' ya know? It's about 'somebody pushed the dog in the lake.'"

I hope the dog is okay.

Another honorable mention is regarding that “wall thing.”

One reporter asks "Can you be specific about what you did to try and re-appropriate those border funds?"

He responds:

"The wall thing?… "I was told that I had no choice"

So who is running things?

What a joke. This is all so embarrassing. And for the first time in history, Democrats are parading around a president who does not even know what day it is.

Democrats obviously loathe America as shown by their presidential nominee. Rather than promote someone who can actually put a sentence together, they float around a senile man who randomly starts talking about drowning dogs and refers to the border as that “wall thing.”

Total clown show as we witness Biden’s blatant lies and obvious cognitive decline getting chronically knotted together as he does not even know the difference between his memory bank and thoughts.

But hey, at least he found the exit this time.