The American president visiting one of our allies in a time of war should send a positive message. Sadly, our president is Joe Biden, and anytime he visits any country, it's one unfortunate derp after the next. His visit to Israel has already gotten off to an embarrassing start.

Just ask Bibi.

Joe Biden clutched his note cards like they were a little girl trying to run to her mommy, and he could barely hold his head up. This is the case with a lot of Biden's overseas trips. Can't they put Biden down for a nap while travels? Air Force One is a flying fortress. That has to include a bedroom for the president. Give him a glass of warm milk. Read him a bedtime story. Tuck him in tight. Give him a teddy bear.

The alternative is this:

Joey addressed the hospital bombing in Gaza. We covered it on the show. As a quick summary, Hamas blamed Israel for a hospital being bombed. The media ran with it. Israel said it was Hamas and provided evidence. The media shrugged its shoulders. Now people are saying it hasn't been bombed.

Biden believes it was the other team (meaning Gaza), but other people say it wasn't. Now Biden isn't sure what to believe, but there are things to overcome. Dafuq?

He then had a quote he wanted to share. A quote that he felt was appropriate considering the location, the event in history, and the outcome we're praying for. He forgot the quote halfway through. So he quit.

It was every bit as embarrassing as Biden's recent meeting with Israeli President Isaac Herzog, where Biden mumbled and sounded like he forgot where he was. The rub is at least in Israel our pudding-headed president can blame it on jetlag. When he met with Herzog, it was in the Oval Office.

Joe Biden has only been in Israel for a few hours. We can't wait to see how he looks after a full day.


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