For reasons known only to the people working for him who, at this point, needed to be blacklisted from political communications, Joe Biden was allowed to give an interview on 60 Minutes. Maybe it was meant to project leadership while the wheels are coming off of a planet. Ron DeSantis, Biden's potential 2024 opponent, is rescuing Americans trapped in Israel. Biden gets propped up for a corporate journalisming tongue bath.

Even in the friendliest of situations, Biden giving an interview is a risk. The last time he sat down with 60 Minutes, it reeked of DERPtitude. This time host Scott Pelley inadvertently threw Joe Biden under the bus. "As we spoke to the president, his secretary of state was in Israel; his defense secretary was at a NATO meeting in Ukraine. America's oldest president seemed tired from directing all of this"

Not the first time Biden seemed tired during an interview. Let's read that last line again because this interview was supposed to project competence in our Commander-in-Chief: America's oldest president seemed tired from directing all of this.

It wouldn't be Joe Biden attempting to speak in public without his train of thought getting derailed and causing a toxic chemical spill. Pelley had to guess what Biden meant when he said "Don't don't don't don't." While Biden claimed that he meant "cross the border," my gut says what he really meant was "stop believing."

Joe Biden loves that song, and he forgot where he was,

But the lowlight was Biden being asked if he wanted to run again. This goes back to the people who run Biden needing to get blacklisted for incompetence. "Why do you want to run" is the most important question to prepare your guy to answer. They did an entire episode of The West Wing on it.

Ron DeSantis is running to bring Florida's successes to all Americans. Donald Trump is running to get revenge on anyone who has been mean to him. Joe Biden?

Joe Biden, in so many words, and after long, awkward, uncomfortable pauses, essentially says he is running for reelection because he wants to be president of Israel and Europe. No mention of the American people.

Biden needs to be put in a home. Or left at the horse track with a snack and a note pinned to his sweater. I can go either way.


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