Thursday was another derptastic day of Joe Biden and his presidential campaign attempting to pander to marginalized minorities and having an epic fail. On this day, it was the Hispanics' turn.

There was a time in Joe Biden's 2020 presidential campaign when he praised the diversity of thought in Latinos. Unlike, and this is Joe Biden saying it, Black people who will all just vote Democrat like they're told. The rub is if there is one thing that unites Hispanics, Blacks, and Whites, it's how unhappy they are with Joe Biden as president.

A new CBS poll says only 34% of Hispanic voters view things going well, and 64% percent say things su-diddly-uck. When asked what the Biden Campaign plans to do about it, Biden campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez says Latinos need to have it explained to them how awesome Biden is.

Perhaps they should compare Latinos to Mexican food. As we saw with Jill Biden, voters of Hispanic descent LOVE IT when they are compared to tacos. Side note: tacos are delicious. Something else that unites Hispanics, Blacks, and Whites. Gays too. Not sure about Muslims. It would all depend on the protein.

Biden attempted to win favor by addressing the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. One small problem, though. He confused them with the Congressional Black Caucus. Joe Biden's brain is 69% pudding.

Joe is old and confused. I get that all minorities look alike to geriatrics. It's how they were raised. But to help the president out, Black people are an entirely different voting block. They're the ones Joe Biden doesn't think can hire a lawyer, use the internet, or pick out extra legroom on a plane without white politicians like Biden helping them. And in the case of both Blacks AND Hispanics, Biden considers them "the workers without high school diplomas."

Yo DJ, drop that joint!

There are 410 days until Election Day 2024. We here at the Louder with Crowder Dot Com website don't know how much longer they can prop up Biden like this.


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