Have questions? We have answers!

We pay close attention to the questions asked by ourĀ current and potential clients. This allows us to continually improve our services to best meet and exceed our client’s needs. Below are some questions we are asked most often. If your question is not listed then please ask us and we will be more than glad to provide an answer.

Can you come into our office and meet with us regarding our project?

Yes. We are always willing to meet clients at a location that is convenient for them!

Do you offer audits and consulting?

Yes. We can conduct various audits such as SEO, website performance, security, etc.. Please CONTACT US today to get started.

Do you take clients outside of the Indianapolis area?

Absolutely. We work with clients all over the U.S., and can work with clients anywhere in the world. The Internet makes it possible to have video conferences, which are quickly replacing physical meetings.

Do you require a signed contract for any of your services?

We do require a contract for certain projects that involve month-to-m0nth services. However, most of your services do not require a contract. Most of our projects, such as web development, require a 1/3 down payment.

Can you host our website developed by another company?

Yes. However, we will need to do a security and compatibility audit for your website first. We operate and own a private server for our client sites and we want to maintain the integrity and security of that server environment.

Why are there no prices listed on your website?

Simply put, every project is different and requires a unique strategy. We do not employ an "assembly line" approach to client projects. Our standard process is to meet with the client for an initial consultation, and then provide a detailed proposal regarding their project. CONTACT US today to schedule a consultation and receive a cost estimate.

Why are your prices lower than other agencies?

We have been in business over 10 years. We know how to keep overhead costs low and offer our clients the best services at a manageable cost. We are a "no frills" agency and our only focus is on the success of our clients.